Center land fund is scarce, District 4 reduces housing land, high-end projects welcome “golden” opportunities

Facing the scarcity of central land fund, District 4’s land use plan in 2020 reduced to 8.72 hectares of land fund for housing, focusing on developing infrastructure, transportation, etc. so the “hunt wave” of the last rare projects here.

Reduce urban housing land, increase land for infrastructure development

Located near the center of Ho Chi Minh City – the city with the fastest socio-economic development speed in the whole country, District 4 has enjoyed great support to promote economic – trade development – services as well as transport and infrastructure systems with the direction of turning District 4 into a key district, a bridge for synchronous development between the central area and surrounding areas.

According to District 4’s land use plan 2020 issued by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City in June 2020, District 4 no longer has an agricultural land area, the main land use purposes are: residential land in urban areas. 180.51ha (accounting for 43.20%), infrastructure development land of 108.35ha (accounting for 25.93%), non-agricultural production base land of 13.65ha (accounting for 3.27%), commercial land – 13.29ha services (accounting for 3.18%). Experts say that the land use situation of District 4 is suitable for the development situation of the urban area with a major economic, trade and service structure, in accordance with the general orientation of the city.

In 180.51ha of land fund for housing, District 4 adjusted to reduce 8.72ha to transfer to infrastructure development, transport, increase land for education, green areas, relieve traffic pressure for people. people. The remaining area has the presence of residents and planning for projects.

Located next to the center of District 1, the potential for new projects in District 4 has become increasingly rare.

Experts said that the reduction of housing land, increase in infrastructure development will make land fund in District 4 become scarce, especially in areas along the Saigon and Kenh Te rivers. . The rule of scarcity will accelerate the price increase potential of high-end apartment projects, attract investors, high-income customers to buy to stay, both convenient to travel to work and enjoy the space. Eco-living right next to the city center.

One location, multiple benefits – destination of investors

With increasingly improved infrastructure, District 4 easily connects to the center of District 1 via Khanh Hoi Bridge, Calmette Bridge, Ong Lanh Bridge and Nguyen Van Cu Bridge; quickly move to Phu My Hung urban area in District 7 with a series of hospitals, schools, supermarkets, famous landmarks … via Tan Thuan 1, 2 and Kenh Te bridges with just a few minutes.

In the future, District 4 will continue to benefit from the development of transport and infrastructure of the city such as Thu Thiem 3 bridge, Thu Thiem 4 bridge, Nguyen Khoai bridge, Nguyen Tat road expansion project. Thanh, North – South trunk road project connecting the central area with Districts 4, 7 and Nha Be district … According to experts, the current location of District 4 is not only “near sight, near Giang. , highway, “but also” unique “in the attraction of projects along the river.

District 4 is one of the urban districts that the City has focused on embellishing and upgrading the city towards modernization.

Timely seizing the opportunity to invest in the last land funds of the areas “adjacent to the river, adjacent to the street”, a number of cult investors have developed projects in 3 main roads of District 4, Ben Van. Don, Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ton That Thuyet like Novaland, Phat Dat, Masteri … Notably, Sunshine Group is also developing the Sunshine Horizon project – the first luxury apartment project of Ton That Thuyet route, which owns the front of the street and 3 sides bordering on the open, cool green.

In the future, Ton That Thuyet street will be widened up to 25m, embankment of stone embankments along Kenh Te, build a riverside park of VND 10,000 billion … promising to turn this place into a “Ben Van Don 2nd Street” .

Sunshine Horizon – a rare luxury apartment project located in a prime location on Ton That Thuyet Street, District 4.

In the context of foreign companies based in China planning to move their headquarters, factories to Vietnam, the land fund in the city is increasingly scarce, luxury apartment projects are located in the center. The city will meet the great demand for living space for experts, key personnel of corporations, forming a successful international resident community.

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